Developed to Japanese precision standards,
Improved for European customized usage,
Now introduced in America.


KEYLEX offers a wide range of functions and features for each product.
Providing multiple solutions to fit your specific needs based on your location and door type.

Custom orders for special doors or installations are available upon request.

Key Points of KEYLEX Series

    • No Battery, No Wiring, Great for Outdoor or Indoor use
    • No maintenance cost for electrical work
    • Never worry about battery-depletion/blackout
    • Free from key management
    • Easy passcode resetting
    • Free-Passage (Unrestricted Access) mode available
    • Choice of lever and knob to match your door
    • SFIC cylinders can be integrated by custom order
    • Aesthetically streamlined design
    • Available both for swing doors or sliding doors
    • Available in 3 colors to better match your door
    • Backplate available to neatly conceal existing holes of old locks
    • Custom orders available for thicker doors and thinner frames
    • KEYLEX products are tested 400,000 times and beyond
    • In use in every climate in Japan
    • Used at the world’s busiest train station in Japan
    • Fingerprint-resistant button material
    • Abrasion resistant surface
    • Materials production is integrated at the main factory

KEYLEXMAN is a brand ambassador for Nagasawa Manufacturing Co., Ltd. products.