Standard Duty Rim Lock

  • No Electrical Work Required
  • Passcode Reset by Rotating Lock Pins
  • High Visibility and Durability Buttons
  • High Security and Weather Proof
  • Material:
    Zinc alloy
  • Passcode:
    4,096 combinations
  • Correspondence door thickness:
    Standard: 30-45mm (1.18-1.77inch)
    Contact us if you require > 45mm (1.77inch)
  • Correspondence door weight:
    Up to 40 kg (88.18 lb)
  • Passcode Reset

    Remove KEYLEX from door
    and reset passcode by rotating
    lock pins

  • Wear Resistant Button Surface

    Prevents wear pattern from forming

  • Key Accessibility

    The door can be unlocked with a key without using a passcode (depending on the model)

  • Color Variations

    3 color options available

    • Metallic Silver Painting (MS)
    • Metallic Amber Painting (MU)
    • Metallic Gold Painting (MG)
Rim Lock
Double-sided Button Rim Lock